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ProShake Plus®

ProShake Plus® combines the aesthetics of a traditional wood shake roof with the superior performance, durability, color fastness, Class “A” fire rating, and life of natural clay.

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The “S” Style ClayLite® product line embodies the innovation that has become synonymous with US Tile, a Boral Roofing Compny. Made from the same materials and processes as traditional clay roofing products, ClayLite offers the superior performance, aesthetics, and kiln-fired color pallets with as much as 40% less weight.

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Combining the superior lightweight features and benefits only US Tile, a Boral Roofing Company can offer, with modern low profile double-barrel tile aesthetics, ClayMax is ideal for reroofing. It is also well suited for use on commercial, home owners associations and institutional projects where weight, durability, and cost are key considerations.

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Cool Roof Compliant Colors

While Cool Roof products have become an important component for LEED building projects, Cool Roof products also have also been embraced by traditional building community. Local, State and National programs are also in place to promote the use of products that help reduce the effects of heat island warming on the environment.

US tile products are made from natural clays. These clays have inherent reflectivity as well as excellent thermal insulating properties that naturally enhance our products energy saving performance. This inherent reflectivity translates into the most vibrant, complete range of natural Cool Roof colors available on the market today.

Faux Mission Installation

Some innovations that help our customers are more subtle in nature. The development of the "Faux Mission" installation technique has truly revolutionized the way architects and builders address value engineered projects while maintaining the superior aesthetics of US Tile clay roofing products.

The most popular installation aesthetic for clay tile is the traditional 2-Piece system that incorporates a "cap" and "pan". This is the system and tile profile that has been handed down for millennia and can still be seen on ancient Greek structures today.

Carbon Encapsulation

An added benefit to the strength enhancing properties of carbon encapsulation is the reduction in the amount of carbon that is released into the atmosphere during the manufacturing process. The quick fire technology captures carbon that is traditionally released into the atmosphere, while exceeding ASTM standards.

US Tiles SuperCore is truly an enhancement that not only increases break strength and long-term durability, it also results in the use of less energy in manufacturing and encapsulation of carbon that would normally be released into the atmosphere, reducing the negative impact of excess carbon in the environment.

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