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Commercial and Residential

Full Inspection of Roof

Our inspections are designed to uncover all types of potential problems with roofing. Scurrah's Roofing experienced contractors will perform a thorough interior and exterior evaluation of the roofs structure. The inspection will focus on the condition of the roof.

Ridge Inspected

Our licensed roof inspectors are certified to inspect all roof areas including ridge inspections. We inspect for any issues that could be causing water damage or issues that could soon become waterproofing issues.

Clean Gutter and Valleys

The Scurrah's professional crew clears clogged gutters are the primary cause of home water damage and uncontrolled rain flow can erode your landscaping. We guarantee our knowledgeable experts will have your sprouts running clear.

Reseal pipes Vents and paints

The failure to fix a minor roof deterioration is something that can cause early roof problems. A roof leak is a big problem for most homeowners. We inspect for any visible problems and locate the source of the roof leak. We determine the best resolution based on the roof type and the climate weather conditions. Then the suitable repairs are made.

Repair dry rot or termite damage

If you suspect that you have wood destroying fungus or termite damage, it is important that you have your home inspected to determine the location and the extent of the infestation. We make sure that the roof system is not damaged by the termite or dry-rot repair. When it is dry rot we find how the moisture is creating the damage.

Install new roof vent

Roof vents can be installed in an existing roof or when your roof is being replaced. The specialists at Scurrah's Roofing can help you choose the right type of roof vents for your home and guarantee that you get a properly-balanced attic ventilation.

Free Estimates

We offer free roof inspections! A free Scurrah's Roofing inspection can identify small issues that develop caution of the reliability of the roof and the structure. The inspector will provide a free roofing estimate for any problem found.

Extend the life of your Roof

Give your roof a longer life. Roofs require on-going maintenance and we perform this service on a regular basis. We have saved our customers thousands in replacement costs. Call today to schedule a free inspection at (714) 996-7557

Senior Discount

If you are 65 or older you are eligible for a senior discount. For more information call (714) 996-7557

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