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Eagle Cool Roof Tile ~ Title 24 Compliant

Cool Roof Rated products have been approved as highly reflective by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). These products can not only help you meet local building code requirements, they also provide superior benefits for homeowners and the environment.

Eagle’s Cool Roof Tile products can provide 10-30 percent savings on energy bills as well as possible additional rebates through local utility companies. Beyond this tangible monetary benefit, Eagle Cool Roof Tile products are also kind to the environment. They help to reduce heat islands, reduce the dissemination of smog producing chemicals and reduce the production of CO2.


Energy Saving Roof

The Eagle Energy Saving Roof is an installation method utilizing Eagle’s concrete roof tile and several Eagle accessory products to install the roof in an energy efficient manner. With the Eagle Energy Saving Roof installation, an air current is created drawing air in at the eave level and out at the ridge. This ventilation of the roof deck helps to reduce heat transfer into your attic and thus into your home. The result means less work for the air conditioner, less expenditure of energy and lower electrical bills for the end user.

Eagle Roofing Accessories

VentSure Roof Vents

In addition to elevating the eave course and helping to prevent bird nesting, the Ventilated Bird Stop design allows for air to enter the space between the tile and the roof deck.

Flex Vent, Flex Seal & Flex Flash

Works at the ridge of your roof to provide ventilation that allows hot air to escape from the roof deck. It also works as a weather block seal helping to prevent any water intrusion at the ridge, or hard to manage areas.

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